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About Fred Van Buren

Hi Everyone,
A little about me. Born and raised in the Madison area. Truly a great area to live and raise a family. In 1985, I Married my high school sweetheart. In 2007 I became a dad to an amazing and talented 12 year old girl. Professionally, I have been in the housing industry for nearly 23 years. With experience in the building materials industry and custom home building. I bring knowledge that is uncommon to many realtors. The ability to see in dollar signs, when looking at potential repairs or remodeling costs. My experience has taught me to understand the importance of 3 key areas. 1. communication/follow up. This is paramount in how I do business day to day. 2. market knowledge and understanding the "ebb and flow" of the market place. 3. transaction process. We make sure that from start to finish you have a painless transaction, by working with trusted vendors, that know their stuff. I look forward to talking more in depth about your goals moving forward. Sincerely, Fred Van Buren